latest update details?
Import / Export / Playback / Recording
Metronome Pre-Count fix from build 176 can be deactivated with following ini-entry
[Setup] OldPrecountHandling=1
Issues with MTC sync - fixed
64 Bit version: dithering bug - fixed
Improved handling of "Another stereo master out is used in this project" dialog
text adjustments
'Don't show this dialog again' now remembers the selection of 'cancel'
EN version: Issues with settings of resample export options - fixed
AAC import: Meta data is now being read
Problems with Take Manager after "Save complete VIP..." - fixed
Vandal: diverse issues with Base setups (Loading of settings, Master volume control) - fixed
Missing visual update after using Spectral Cleaning in Wave Editing mode - fixed
Crashes when scanning VST2-Plug ins - fixed
VSTi Manager did not show VSTi - fixed
FFT Filter, Vocoder, Denoiser, Dehisser: Issue with setting FFT mode and audio type - fixed
Paste and delete of object automation for all selected objects, not just the first
Typing values now works on multiple tracks
Hardware Controller
Eucon: 64-bit version change to SDK version 3.2.1
Crashes at import of old cps-files - fixed
Time display continued after stop of playback - fixed
Option "No fader update after release" didn't work - fixed
Usage of unsupported characters for creating of new sub folders didn't issue a warning – fixed (fix in build 174 was incomplete)
Grafic error while playback with soft scrolling – fixed
Problems with new docking after restoring backup projects - fixed
Diverse crash fixes