New Patch 13.1.3. 176
*Supplied Vita instruments might ask for activation on systems with dongle - fixed
*AUX sends and new default EQ116 were calculated despite mixer FX bypass - fixed
*Wrong status line display during plugin selection* - fixed
*Wrong caption of VST3 plugins - fixed
*User defined VST path wasn't used for VST3 - fixed
*No undo step for reset mono/stereo - fixed
*Advanced Dynamics: reduction display didn't work* - fixed
Hardware Controller
*No update of display after saving a setup with different name - fixed
*Problems with touch displays Not all touch events were detected correctly* - fixed
*On-screen keyboard could be shifted by touch - fixed
*"Menu v11" didn't work anymore - fixed
*Toolbar: time input for moving objects didn't work - fixed
*Several adaptions for Alesis V49 keyboards Select "V49" as MIDI input device
*Supplied Vita instruments will use controller 20-24 (knobs 1-4)
*Button 1+2 (controller 48+49) will step to previous/next preset while plugin dialog is open
*Button 3+4 change MIDI channel of keyboard hardware controller setup for simple control of transport and mixer
*Supplied* (play, stop, volume track 1-4)
*A little example for using the drumpads can be found* in _Demo\Alesis V49 Drumpad Demo
*Attention: V-Editor for V49 configuration should be set to "MIDIIN2 (V49)"
*Incomplete time edit fields - fixed
*No error message with invalid folder names when creating a new folder* - fixed
*No overwrite warning when saving a project immediatedly after creation - fixed
*"Insert silence" was applied twice in wave projects - fixed
*Several crash fixes
*Updated setup for visually impaired users (Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ)
* Import/Export/Recording
*Problems with metronome precount - fixed